Why Choose Us

At Befit Training Physiotherapy, our philosophy is to focus on the individual, designing a program that will help each client achieve optimum health, mobility and wellness.

Client centred approach to healing

To achieve these goals of health, mobility and wellness, we take a client centred approach, starting with an individualised assessment. This assessment identifies the injuries, limitations and challenges faced by each of our clients, enabling us to design a unique treatment plan suited to their specific needs.

At Befit Training Physiotherapy, we offer our clients appointments and treatment sessions that are longer than normal. This gives us the time to understand and engage with our clients, as well as the time to provide quality treatments or therapies without being rushed to move onto the next client. This client centred approach has been a major factor in helping our clients achieve a successful outcome from their individualised treatment programs.

Pathway to optimal healing, mobility and wellness

Our philosophy to achieving optimal healing, mobility and wellness is to start by relieving your pain and discomfort. Once you are more comfortable, we can focus on reaching an accurate diagnosis of your problem. This is followed by educating you about your injury with the aim of reducing the risk of further injury and preventing recurrences. Your treatment program will be a mix of soft tissue massage, pain relieving positions and postures.

We also offer other types of massage and dry needling, as required for your recovery.

Transforming your movement

Your pathway to optimal healing, mobility and wellness includes transforming your movements. This occurs during your individual and private treatment sessions, when our physios work with you to your correct your current movement patterns. We want to build a base or platform from which we can progress and move beyond, with healing your injury as the ultimate goal. Essentially, we aim to transform your movement!

Maximising your performance

To aid progress along your pathway to optimal healing, mobility and wellness, we leverage our strength & conditioning background to develop high level treatment programs. These programs are designed to elevate your performance to the next level, whether this is a general sense of wellbeing or to attain a higher level of performance as an elite athlete. Whatever your goals, we can design a program that best suits your needs and achieves your goals as soon as possible.

However, if you want to focus on your performance alone (because you aren’t suffering from an injury), we can deliver these performance programs in either our studio or online.

To contact our physios in Double Bay, call us on 02 9327 7749 or 0401 699 254, send us an email or make an online booking.  Please note that if you can’t make it into our clinic, we do offer online computer consultations as well as home visits.

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