When Should You Visit Your Physiotherapist?

You’ve only got one body, so why don’t you start taking care and listening to it the way you should be. A physiotherapist is a bodies best friend, they have the ability to help us reach our personal optimal level of functioning – no matter age or previous issues.

Below are some examples of when you should take a trip to your Physiotherapist.

  • Something Hurts
    Funnily enough, you shouldn’t have to put up with pain. That niggle you are slowly but surely getting frustrated about can get worse. If it is hurting, get it looked at!
  • You’re not doing what you want to be doing
    If you have stopped your normal routine or doing the things you love to do because your body isn’t allowing you to do it anymore, go and see your physio. You may just be depriving yourself for no real reason.
  • Googling your problem hasn’t fixed it
    In fact; the second you start trying to be Dr. Google when it comes to your body and its movement, go and see your physiotherapist. You haven’t done the study for the past billion years to be able to diagnose and treat yourself, leave it up to the professionals.
  • You’d like a professional opinion
    Your Physiotherapist is the professional opinion you’re after.
  • You love learning how your body works and how you can take care of it best
    Your Physiotherapist has the ability to take you for 1-1 treatment sessions that do not always need to include manipulation or hands-on treatment. For example, you might be in a gym setting where they are teaching you ways to strengthen your body to prevent injuries in the first place.
  • You want to get the most out of life.
    Physiotherapists are experts in performance as well as injury prevention. Whether that performance is being able to get out of bed properly in the mornings or to be able to play a particular sport, they have the ability to work with your body to get it to its best functioning level.
  • It hurts, but this time it hurts A LOT!
    Physios can send you for investigative scans to confirm your diagnosis and screen for anything unusual. Before jumping to conclusions, head to your physiotherapist and let them do a thorough assessment on you. Please note: if you have a highly serious injury, for example, your bone is sticking outside of your leg – please skip the physio and head straight to the hospital…we will see you at the physio clinic once that bone is back where it should be.
  • You don’t have an injury….
    You can see your physiotherapist if you do NOT have an injury! Physiotherapists are there to prevent you from getting an injury in the first place.

Something a lot of people do not know is that Physiotherapists are first contact practitioners; this means that you do not actually need a referral to be able to book in with a physio. Professional Physiotherapists are trained to know if your problem is outside of their scope of practice and refer you appropriately from there.

What are you waiting for? Book In!

Nick Hunter – BeFit Training Physio Unley

Nick Hunter – BeFit Training Physio Unley

Nick Hunter is a physiotherapy based in Adelaide, South Australia. Nick has successfully treated musculoskeletal problems on the basis of a thorough assessment and diagnosis coupled with evidence-based rehabilitation programs tailored to the needs and goals of each individual. To book a consultation, click the link below.

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