The BeFit Movement

EPISODE 1 – Busting Myths in the Health and Fitness Industry (Part 1)


Welcome to our first episode of The Befit Movement!

Today we introduce ourselves as your hosts and delve into some common myths in the fitness industry. Stay tuned to learn about whether deadlifting is bad for back pain, stretching whilst injured, knees over your toes and more!

EPISODE 2 – Exercise Versus Exercise Addiction


We had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah King on our first guest episode of The Befit Movement. In this episode, we discussed all things related to hypothalamic amenorrhea, eating disorders and exercise dedication vs addiction.

EPISODE 3 – Bret Contreras: Glute Training 101


Bret is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts in glute training. Today we delve into how he started his company, the basics behind glute hypertrophy, and factors that may limit someone’s progress in the gym. Tune in for more!

Ep 4. Nathan Parnham: Helping Your Child Train to Succeed


Author of the Sporting Parent, Nathan Parnham has paved the way in adolescent strength and conditioning. Today we dive into sports specialization, adolescent injury rates, and the age old question about whether kids should strength train.

Ep 5. Sarah Davis: Conquering The Nile


Sarah is the first woman to lead an expedition down the nile. This journey was no small feat, covering over 4000km full of crocodiles, hippos and dangerous terrain. Sarah is the epitome of an endurance athlete, and today we break down her attitude around mindset, performance and finding your purpose.

Ep 6. Joel Adelman: Breaking Down Your Running Technique


In today’s episode we chat to another member of the Befit Team, Joel Adelman! Joel is the co-director of Befit Training Coogee, and the co-founder of The Running Space. In this episode we break down the do’s and don’t of running, running techniques, injuries and recovery!

Ep 7: Dr Tom Cross: Adolescent Injuries


Dr Tom Cross is one of Sydney’s leading Sports and Exercise Physicians. His career spans more than 25 years! In this time, he has worked with the NBA, Melbourne Storm, Cirque Du Soleil, and the Sydney Swans (just to name a few). He also has a specialist interest in paediatrics, having completed a diploma in this area.

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