At BeFit Training Physiotherapy, we’re experts in optimising health. We work with anyone experiencing physical pain or limitation –

> from professional athletes to weekend warriors;
> from injury recovery to arthritis prevention
> paediatric and adolescent sports injuries;
> from post-surgery patients and others who have experienced life-altering events

We’ll help you to reach your own personal level of ‘optimum health’ – unique to your body. Our team are highly professional with years of experience, solving a range of physical ailments and issues.

Andrew Ilieff

Available at Double Bay
Principal Physiotherapist

APA Physiotherapist
ASCA Strength & Conditioning coach
Casual academic lecturer
Course creator strength and conditioning for Physiotherapists UTS
Industry Advisory Board Member UTS
Bach Physiotherapy, MAPA, SPA

Andrew’s career in physiotherapy began in the ‘elite’ sporting arena and in private practice, the lessons learned in this, high pressure environment have created a platform for Andrew to excel in this profession. Andrew established BeFit Training Physiotherapy in 2017. A physiotherapy practice with a difference & that difference, was absolute excellence 100% of the time, attention to customer service, detail, & excellence in physiotherapy.

Andrew Ilieff is a highly skilled physiotherapist. You can be assured that when you see Andrew, your complaint will be thoroughly assessed, and he will use the most appropriate and up to date techniques to treat your problem. Andrew’s treatment will always be governed by research. He is constantly analysing the results of the most recent clinical trials so that you can receive the most up to date treatment, helping you to get better sooner. Andrew only ever uses evidenced based and clinically proven treatment techniques. Andrew is also a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Andrew is very time aware and prides himself on seeing his patients on time. With a history of treating and servicing busy professionals in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, he respects your time and does his best not to keep you waiting. Andrew is qualified strength & conditioning coach and not only works with clients on their journey to recovery but facilities many elite athletes on their sporting journey.

Andrew has:

15 years combined study & clinical experience in physiotherapy
Worked with both the elite athlete & ‘weekend warrior’
Had great success in treating:

– Sporting injuries

– Overuse running, cycling & swimming injuries

– Post operative shoulders, hips, knees and ankles

– Complex neck & back cases.

– Headaches, migraines, TMJ and Jaw issues

– Paediatric Sports Physiotherapy cases

Andrew also lecture’s Musculoskeletal treatment and assessment at the University of Technology Sydney for their Master of Physiotherapy Course and is co-host of the Hybrid Therapist Podcast!

From Andrew you can expect:

A good listener, great customer service and follow up, time spent in the assessment phase, plenty of ‘hands on’ physio, exercise and a solution to your problem.

Joel Adelman

Available at Coogee
Lead Physiotherapist Coogee Clinic
Co-Director Coogee Clinic

APA Physiotherapist
ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach
Sports Trainer Level 1
Master of Physiotherapy, BSc (Anatomy & Histology)

Having grown up injury prone on the sporting field and spending much of his time as a patient himself, Joel understands the impact and frustration that comes along with injuries. This drove his passion for physiotherapy and the desire to provide his clients with the highest quality care. His dedication, compassion and positive demeanour, help to inspire, encourage and drive those around him to success.

In 2018 Joel suffered a complete ACL tear in his right knee. After a reconstruction surgery he took on the challenge of mastering his own rehab in conjunction with Andrew Ilieff, and now completely understands what is required from both a patient and therapist in order to have a successful and holistic approach to returning from injury.

Joel has a strong background in human anatomy and a passion for musculoskeletal and sports related injuries, and particularly enjoys working with young athletes. Joel has over 7 years’ experience coaching gymnastics at both Ascham and Kincoppal School, with a focus on coordination, strength and balance.

Joel has 7 years combined study and has gained experience and developed skills across a broad range of areas including sports, orthopaedic rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, geriatrics, paediatrics and cardiopulmonary. Joel uses a combination of exercise therapy, manual techniques and evidence-based practice to help his clients return to optimal health and to prevent further injuries.

From Joel you can expect: 
High energy, a constant smile, the perfect balance of hands on treatment and exercise prescription, and finally, through personal experience, an understanding of what it takes to get the results you want.

Tom Eather

Available at Double Bay
Senior Physiotherapist

APA Physiotherapist
Doctor of Physiotherapy – Melbourne University
B. Ex Sc – Wollongong University
Titleist Performance Institute Certified

Growing up in a large sporting family, the competitive streak was well and truly ingrained in me from an early age. This competitive drive and a love of all things sport led to the inevitable injuries throughout the years. It was when having physio treatment for a back injury suffered snowboarding that I began to think that physiotherapy could be the career for me.

I began studying a Bachelor of Exercise Science at the University of Wollongong, while working as a personal trainer and coach at a local gym. After graduating, I moved on to study the Doctor of Physiotherapy program at the University of Melbourne while working as personal trainer. The combination of a B. ExSc and years of experience in the fitness industry helped to focus my interest on exercise and movement rehabilitation, and this is still a focus of mine today.

Having the opportunity to positively impact people’s lives, and to enable them to continue to do what makes them happy, is the reason I am a physiotherapist. I am committed to utilising the latest evidence to getting you back to doing what you love to do and optimising your rehabilitation to achieve your goals.

Lachie Stewart

Available at Double Bay

APA Physiotherapist
Bachelor of Health Science (University of Technology Sydney)
Master of Physiotherapy (University of Technology Sydney)
Level 1 Sports Trainer
NSW Waratahs Gen blue physiotherapist

Lachie, a native of Orange, NSW, grew up participating in a variety of sports including rugby union, cricket, touch football, golf and water skiing. As he entered high school, he chose rugby union as his sport of choice. He played at a high level throughout his time in high school, which resulted in a move to Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs to play. However, rugby’s physical nature often results in injuries, and Lachie spent a lot of time with club physiotherapists. This experience sparked an interest in musculoskeletal and sports physio.

Today, Lachie has an interest in sports rehab and performance. He employs a combination of hands-on treatment and exercise prescription, along with the most up-to-date evidence, to help his patients achieve their rehab goals. Lachie’s approach to rehab is engaging and fun, and he works tirelessly to ensure that his patients have the best possible experience.

Outside of the clinic, Lachie works with the physio team at the NSW Waratahs senior men’s and women’s squads. He is also the current physiotherapist for the under 18 Generation Blue NSW Waratahs team, where he is responsible for diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and return to performance of the squad. Additionally, Lachie has worked with a variety of sports teams, including the Italian Rugby League team, Western Suburbs Magpie, NSW/ACT AFL Umpires, Colleagues Rugby Union Club, and the South Sydney Rabbitohs Pathway squads. Lachie has also visited the Red Bull Athlete Performance Centre in Salzburg, Austria, where he worked with some of Red Bull’s top athletes.

When he’s not working, Lachie enjoys playing rugby, golf, and traveling. He also makes it a point to visit his hometown of Orange whenever possible.

Morrie Toum

Available at Coogee

APA Physiotherapist
Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science – Honours (UTS)
Doctor of Physiotherapy (Macquarie University)
ESSA Accredited Exercise Scientist
ASCA Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach

Morrie completed a Doctor of Physiotherapy at Macquarie University after completing his undergraduate degree and Honours thesis in Sport and Exercise Science at University of Technology Sydney.

He previously worked at the Sydney Swans Academy as an Athletic Development and Rehabilitation Coach for 5 seasons. This involved leading the youth academy strength and conditioning program, as well as coordinating the rehabilitation programs for the senior academy squads.

Morrie also has experience in elite professional sports, as he toured Papua New Guinea with the national Fijian Rugby League Squad in 2023 for the Pacific Bowl Tournament. He is currently the head physiotherapist for the Balmain Tigers Rugby League Under 17s Squad. On top of his experience within sport, Morrie has worked in both the private practice and mobile/community setting.

Morrie loves to stay active by exercising at the gym, going for runs and getting outdoors. If he’s not out for a run, he’ll probably be heading to the beach or looking for the next best hike.

What you can expect from Morrie:
Morrie will provide you a personalised plan tailored to your specific goals. He offers extensive experience in exercise prescription and looks to integrate this with hands on therapy to get the absolute best out of your treatment.

Sam Wadley

Available at Double Bay & Coogee

Doctor of Physiotherapy

APA Physiotherapist
ASCA Level 2 Strength & Conditioning professional coach
Bachelor OF Exercise & Sports Science (Honours)
Sports Trainer Level 1

Like many who enter this profession, Sam began his interest in physiotherapy through his personal experience with competitive sport. Through the injuries he had obtained Sam had the awe inspiring experience of being treated by high level physiotherapists and athletic performance coaches alike. It was through these experiences Sam understood the passion and drive of a high-level clinician.

As a school-leaver, Sam chose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in sport & exercise science from the University of Queensland. It was during his studies that Sam discovered his first career passion as a strength & conditioning coach. Upon graduating, Sam undertook international and domestic opportunities to further his career. It was through these opportunities Sam then developed a keen interest in the rehabilitation space, inspired by the world-class physiotherapists he worked with. This ultimately led him to enrolling at Bond University on the Gold Coast and obtaining a postgraduate degree in physiotherapy.

What you will expect from Sam is a clinician who will guide you to ensure that the simple things are done consistently well in order to achieve the outcomes you desire. Sam has both the knowledge and experience to create a training environment that you will flourish in. Sam will tailor your training towards your goals and experience level. It is important to Sam that there is a balanced approach to your treatment that compliments, not competes, with your lifestyle.

Experience and Special Interests:
Professional and Semi Professional Athletes
Amateur and Recreational Participants
Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
Youth Athletic Development
General Population
Strength & Conditioning
End-Stage Rehabilitation

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