Running Shoes

With the City To Surf coming up fast and many of you have started preparation and running program but have you had a look at your footwear. Here are some simple tips to pick the right shoe for you!

What’s the best shoe for you?

Well, that depends on a rand of different factors; such as running technique, running history, goals, your injuries, what surface you run on and preference.

There is certainly no one shoe fits all, but these questions should point you in the right direction.

  1. What surface do you run on? – road, track, trail, grass, etc.
  2. Height and weight
  3. Running history – beginner to advanced
  4. How much do you run in an average week?
  5. What is your average speed?
  6. Injuries in the past year?
  7. How high is your arch? – high, medium, low
  8. Do you under-pronate, over-pronate or is your pronate normal?
  9. Does your foot strike forefoot, midfoot, or heel?
  10. If your not sure see a podiatrist, physio or get your shoes fitted by an expert.

Don’t just guess.


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