Wrist & Hand Injuries

Hand and wrist injuries can be due to many causes, for example trauma, repetitive actions, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome and ganglion cysts. If you perform any type of repetitive tasks or actively participate in any type of sport then you are at risk of suffering from some form of wrist and hand injury at some time in your life.

Reduced function in your hand or wrist can significantly impact your life. So it’s important that you find the actual cause of your pain and undertake a treatment program aimed at relieving the pain and rehabilitating your injury.

BeFit Training Physios help to rehabilitate your wrist & hand injury

Following a thorough assessment of your wrist and hand, we will identify the cause of your injury or loss of function and design a treatment plan customised to your exact needs. Depending on the source of the problem, we may refer you to another healthcare professional as part of your treatment plan. The good news is that many wrist and hand injuries respond very favourably to a range of physiotherapy treatments. Also, if your condition requires an operation, we can help you to recover and rehabilitate quickly following your surgery.

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