Often called tendonitis, tendinopathy is the inflammation of a tendon and is a common complaint amongst active people, as well as sports athletes. Injuries to tendons can occur due to a sudden injury or repetitive movement that takes place over time. This is why it’s often found in runners, gardeners, carpenters, painters, tennis players, golfers and skiers. Tennis elbow and housemaids knee are two colloquial references to tendinopathy.

Tendonitis commonly occurs in the elbow, wrist, base of the thumb, hip, knee and Achilles tendon. Pain that increases with movement is often the first symptom, followed by swelling, heat and redness over the tendon. You may also notice a lump forming along the tendon and a feeling that the tendon is ‘grating’ on movement.

BeFit Training Physios help to relieve your tendinopathy

Your physiotherapist will perform a thorough assessment of your pain and once tendinitis has been confirmed, a personalised treatment plan will be designed to suit your needs. This plan may include rest, elevation and ice, as well as stretching and strength building exercises. A big part of your rehabilitation is to identify the exact cause of this injury, so your physio can help you to avoid the same injury occurring again in the future.

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