Shin, Ankle & Foot Injuries

Injuries to your foot, ankle or shins can have a significant impact on your daily life. Common foot injuries include torn tendons, fractures, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, bunions and plantar plate injuries. Ankle injuries can include torn ligaments, inflamed tendons and fractures, whilst shin injuries are most often a result of sporting activities (shin splints) or stress fractures. Of course, there are other causes for ankle, foot and shin injuries, but whatever the cause, you need an effective treatment plan to help you heal and recover quickly.

BeFit Training Physios help to rehabilitate your shin, ankle & foot injuries

One of our experienced physios will perform a thorough assessment of your injuries and identify the actual cause. This may involve a referral to another healthcare professional, particularly if a fracture or torn ligament is suspected. With a correct diagnosis, we can design a personalised treatment plan to help you recover and rehabilitate from your injuries. Your treatment plan may include wearing a cast for a period of time (to heal a fracture), strapping, surgery, rest, remedial massage and strengthening exercise.

To contact our physios in Double Bay, call us on 02 9327 7749 or 0401 699 254 , send us an email or book online.

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