Migraine is a very common problem suffered by many different people. It’s a very distressing and debilitating condition that can quite literally, stop you in your tracks. Your life can be turned upside down with not only the pain, but also the nausea, vomiting and photophobia that can accompany migraines.

Some people have suffered from migraines for years, whilst for others it’s a very new experience. Regardless of how long you have suffered with migraines, finding the cause or at the very least, relieving your pain is a very necessary step in returning some sense of normality back into your life.

BeFit Training Physios help to relieve your migraine pain

The actual cause of migraines is said to be genetic, whilst some of the triggers of an imminent attack can include stress, hormonal changes, caffeine, alcohol, bright lights, medications, foods, and the list goes on.

Physiotherapy can help to manage the pain of your migraines and any discomfort affecting your muscles and joints. Our goal is to reduce any stress and tension affecting your muscles and joints, as well as improving your posture and muscle strength. Following a thorough assessment of your pain, we will design a treatment plan that may include remedial massage, postural stretching and exercises and relaxation techniques.

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