Hip Pain

Hip pain might be associated with the elderly, but it can just as easily affect younger generations. Bursitis, tendon and ligament tears, as well as trapped nerves and arthritis can all result in hip pain, whether chronic or acute. Pain in your hip can often result in problems with walking, sitting and standing, sometimes balancing is a problem and even sleeping can be an issue. Sporting activities can also result in hip pain, particularly if the sport involves prolonged running, jumping or landing.

BeFit Training Physios help to relieve your hip pain

Since hip pain can have serious impacts on the quality of your life, it’s important that the specific cause is identified, so that an effective treatment plan can be designed. We will need to perform a thorough assessment of your pain to identify its cause, which may also include examining your knee, foot and ankle joints, as well as the muscles in your legs. All of these areas can be affected by your hip pain and in return, influence the problem itself.

Your treatment plan may include exercises to increase the range, strength and balance of your hip muscles, as well as rehabilitation exercises to aid in your recovery.

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