Back Pain

Back pain is a very common ailment, whether it’s a chronic condition or a sudden onset, and it can have a significant impact on your life. Chronic back pain can become very debilitating, reducing your ability to move around and live a normal life. Whilst a sudden onset of back pain can literally leave you flat on your back and in severe pain.  

One of the fairly common causes of backpain is a sedentary lifestyle, particularly when people spend all day sat at a computer in an office. This leads to poor posture which can result in chronic back pain that just doesn’t get any better over time. Other causes, particularly of acute back pain include accidents, trapped nerves, slipped or herniated discs, and muscle spasms.

BeFit Training Physios help to relieve your back pain

Finding the exact cause of your back pain is very important, because with this diagnosis we can design a treatment plan to relieve your pain and help your recovery and rehabilitation.  Following a detailed assessment of your back pain and a correct diagnosis of its cause, your treatment plan may consist of a number of different therapies. These may include remedial massage, joint mobilisation, pain relief and strengthening exercises, taping and posture adjustment exercises.

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