Physiotherapy for Athletes

Physiotherapy for Athletes

Our physiotherapists have a high degree of expertise when it comes to rehabbing sports-related injuries in patients of all ages and level of ability.

What sets us apart is our focus on injury prevention and maintenance to maximize your athletic performance post-recovery.

Injury Prevention

We assess the risk of injury associated with specific sports or activities, as well as individual movement patterns. Based on these factors, we prescribe tailored interventions that limit the risk of injury occurrence.

Acute Intervention and Rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists will assess and diagnose your sporting-related injury, then guide you through exercise-based interventions designed to optimize your athletic performance and return you to your sport.

Performance Enhancement

Here at BeFit, we do more than just safely return you to your sport: we work to improve your athletic performance by profiling your sport, evaluating the specific movements and physical requirements involved, and analyzing your key lifts and functional movement patterns. We use the findings of these investigations to implement targeted interventions that will get you moving and playing better than ever.

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