Performance Testing

Befit Training Physiotherapy exclusively offers performance testing at our Double Bay facility.

What does this entail?

Vo2 Max Testing

What is it?

– VO2 Max: The maximum or optimal rate at which the heart, lungs, and muscles effectively utilise oxygen during exercise, serving as a measure of individual aerobic capacity.

Why will it help?

– Oxygen Utilisation: Increased oxygen intake enhances aerobic efficiency.

– Heart Rate Training: Understanding the ideal heart rate for various types of runs—long slow distance runs, tempo runs, steady runs, and speed sessions—is crucial.

– Maximising Performance: Knowing the right heart rate for different runs helps optimise training and performance.

There is credible evidence that highlights the positive relationship between VO2 Max and all cause mortality. What does that mean? The odds of dying from natural causes in the next 10-15years are quite low if your VO2 max is high.

What is involved?

– We will record you weight, height, and age into our system, this will allow us to calibrate the system.

– In this assessment you will be required to wear a fitted mask which will measure your breathing. The machine will go through a calibration period.

– You will then begin a warmup and then the assessment commences which progressively gets harder and you will continue for as long as you can go, followed by a warm down.

– The test lasts approximately 20-30minutes.

VALD Performance testing

– VALD force decks allow us to assess balance, strength, power, and asymmetries. This is relevant for anyone from elderly people, post-surgical, runners, triathletes and high-performance athletes.

– VALD force plate assessments allow us to objectively analyse movement patterns and develop relevant programs to correct any issues that may be the result of an injury or may cause an injury.

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What is required?

– If you are over 45 you will need medical clearance from your Doctor

– If you have any cardiovascular issues or medical risk factors you will need clearance from your Doctor

– Please no training in the lead up 24hrs, and np caffeine/ alcohol or stimulants prior to the test.

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