At BeFit Training Physio we use a range of manual therapies, including massage to help relieve muscular tension that may be causing pain, discomfort or dysfunction in your body. Massage is an important technique used during the acute stage of injury to help relieve pain and relax the affected tissues.

At our Double Bay clinic our physiotherapists are trained in a range of massage techniques including kneading, gliding, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and compression sports massage to restore soft tissue function, range of motion, and improve performance.

Once tight muscles have been released our physiotherapists will provide a treatment plan and education for your diagnosed injury or condition. This will include specific exercises to preserve mobility and increase strength of the affected area so you can return to full function as soon as possible and prevent further incidences of this injury from happening again.

If you are wanting to feel better today, give our team at call on 02 9327 7749 or 0401 699 254 to arrange your appointment with one of our friendly physiotherapists.

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