Hybrid Therapist Podcast - Season 3

Today we welcome Daniel Menzel who is an AFL footballer who played 80 games over a 10 year career for the Geelong Cats and Sydney Swans. Dan had FOUR ACL reconstructions and returned successfully to the AFL after 1450 days on the sidelines. We discuss his football career, how he coped physically and mentally with years of rehab, his advice to people who are going through ACL rehab, his return to the AFL and much more.

Today we welcome Mike Boyle who is one of the foremost experts in the fields of Strength & Conditioning, functional training and general fitness. We discuss adolescent sport specialisation, olympics lifts, unilateral vs. bilateral leg strength and exercises, sprinting, manual therapy, evidence led practice and much more. 

Today the Andrew’s discuss professionalism, how to contact colleagues & surgeons, how to use social media, how to begin a consult, the importance of listening and much more.

Today we welcome Shona Vertue who is a personal trainer, yoga teacher and the founder and owner of the Vertue Method which is practised in over 60 countries. We discuss Shona’s life & career, the difference between flexibility and mobility, why Shona started lifting weights, why women should strength train, the impending Zombie apocalypse and much more. 

Today we intro and preview season 3, review the first 2 seasons, discuss ACL ruptures in women’s sport and much more. 

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