How to use a break to boost performance

Let’s start by saying its ok to have time off from exercise, you won’t lose fitness, you won’t gain weight and it won’t affect your performance. Breaks in a few forms:

  • Unplanned – i.e. injuries, illness.
  • Planned – i.e. natural breaks, like the end of competition seasons. Let focus on planned breaks:
    • Take a holiday and make the most of your break by:
      • Leaving your phone at home, unwind, unplug. Choose an activity like camping or trekking so you are still physically active, but you’re not physically exhausting your body.
      • Do some exercise – don’t go cold turkey, otherwise you’ll get back and injure yourself. Do some unstructured exercise, don’t even consider it training, a light jog, a moderate pace walk, that way your body stays active
      • Enjoy – sleep in, got to bed late, drink, eat, be merry.
      • Get excited – you’ve done you’re break right when you can’t wait to start training again. From there you’ll be mentally refreshed, physically ready and off you go.

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