How to stay motivated to train

How to stay motivated to train

So you’ve returned to the gym, everything seems to be going well…and then life ramps up. Work is getting busy, you’re behind in life admin, and by the time it reaches 7pm at night, you haven’t managed to get your session in. Sound familiar?

We have all been there, don’t worry! I’m not going to lie, trying to balance the ever changing life that is 2020, looking after a home, feeding the family, fuelling your body and working out, can appear to be exhausting.

But here’s where the changes can be made. Setting goals, scheduling in time, and holding yourself accountable, are all ways to change your mentality about getting into the gym.

Let’s be honest, motivation won’t always be at an all-time high, therefore creating habits and consistency will be key to committing to your exercise regime.

Top tips to increase training consistency

Form a realistic goal

Whilst it’s always great to aspire to train 5-6 x per week, this isn’t always realistic. If you can train this much, great! But for some, a realistic goal might be 3-4 x.  Start here, commit to these sessions, and then gradually increase from there.

Schedule in time

Do you stress that you don’t have the time to get into the gym? Studies have shown that moderate intensity workout sessions, can improve productivity!

We schedule in meetings, work and even coffee dates. So why not schedule in your gym session? Grab an app like google calendar (or if you’re old school like me – a diary to write in) and plan out your week in advance. This way you can increase your accountability.

Try to go at a similar time each day… at least to begin with

Don’t stress if this doesn’t work with your current work/study schedule. However, if you have a job that allows you to train at a similar time, this can be a great way to reinforce the habit of training. I know not everyone loves the 5am starts, but find a time (either before or after work), that allows you to have some consistency about your day.

Find a trainer or health professional to write you’re program

Whilst I am all about holding yourself accountable, sometimes having someone to reinforce things for you can be a great tool. I am always a firm believer in learning from someone that has more knowledge than you. So find a coach, mentor, or health professional that motivates you to learn the proper technique and stick to a tailored program. The magic happens when you start to see results!

Listen to music!

Set a playlist on your phone that is purely for the gym! Whatever gets a fire burning in your belly. Not only will you get excited to train, but will have the reward of listening to your favourite playlist!

Give yourself healthy rewards!

Not that you need to reward yourself, however, if you want to be your own personal cheer squad along the way, treat yourself to a new pair of gym shoes, haircut or weekend away when you reach your goal! If you’re on a budget, sometimes the satisfaction of seeing the result is a reward in itself!

Chantelle Bailey  – BeFit Training Physio Double Bay

Chantelle Bailey – BeFit Training Physio Double Bay

Chantelle Bailey, a skilled physiotherapist in Double Bay, Sydney, excels in treating musculoskeletal issues through personalized assessments and evidence-based rehabilitation programs. With expertise in strength coaching for women and a special emphasis on sports-related injuries, Chantelle offers tailored solutions to help individuals achieve their goals. To schedule a consultation, click the link below.

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