How to get your training mojo back

How to get your training mojo back!

Let’s be honest COVID was crazy. But I’m not here to talk about that. 

I have seen a common trend in clinic, and I think it’s worth exploring. 

During COVID we saw record amounts of overuse injuries, everyone’s training methods changed, people went from regular routines to work from home, not being able to use gyms, having limited equipment, just doing random exercises, and doing them too frequently, running every day and running too much, so we saw lots of overuse injuries. 

This is what I hear in clinic all the time: 

  • I just can’t be bothered training; I don’t feel like pushing myself
  • I don’t have a routine yet, because I work from home, I can’t be bothered getting up early to train, so Ill just go for a walk later
  • I’m not ready to get back into the gym yet 

So, now we are seeing lots of postural based niggles, whereby people are more sedentary than they were during lockdowns, so we are getting lots of lower back and neck pain from essentially doing too little. 

Let’s talk about ways to get our training mojo back. 

  • The first thing you need to do is find the intrinsic (internal) motivation to start this means start looking into options. Let’s be frank if you are internally motivated you won’t be reading this blog because you would have kept training and your routine wouldn’t have changed. 
    • A gym 
    • A personal trainer 
    • Online programs
  • The biggest mistake most people make is becoming overwhelmed they commit to 5days a week, then they burnout too quickly or they see the “mountain to climb” as too high, so they stop and here we are again – we have stopped training. 

I recommend starting with group classes, they are financially more affordable than 1:1 PT and you are motivated externally by a coach and by other members in the gym. There are lots of good group training gyms out there but make sure you find one with attentive coaches, programmed sessions, good variety, and a great community. This will make it more likely for you to stay and attend the sessions if you get through the first 6 weeks you will have set a new routine and you are back on track. 

Personal trainers are great, but they are costly, you can look at doing x1 PT session a week and if they are a good PT they will program 1-2 other sessions which you can complete on your own. This method still requires a lot of internal motivation but doing PT guided exercise at least once a week will keep you honest, motivated and minimise the risk of you dropping off and finding yourself back where you started. 

Online programs are an option but most of them are generic and require a lot of intrinsic motivation to complete the sessions. As a cost-effective method, they are a great way to get back into training as the relative outlay in cost is minimal. 

The time has now come the COVID fatigue is coming to an end. We have all had a massive 2 years of ups and downs but now is the time to get your physical and mental health back on track. One of the easiest ways to do that is joining in group sessions where you get support, programming, results, and a great community to keep you engaged. So if you have been thinking about returning to training jump back on that bandwagon and get cracking, 

The original and the best is still 

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Andrew Ilieff - BeFit Training Physio Double Bay

Andrew Ilieff - BeFit Training Physio Double Bay

Andrew Ilieff is a physiotherapist based in Double Bay, Sydney. Andrew has successfully treated musculoskeletal problems and sports injuries on the basis of a thorough assessment and diagnosis coupled with evidence-based rehabilitation programs tailored to the needs and goals of each individual. Andrew specialises in lower back rehab, sports injuries and is a leading authority on Strength and Conditioning for Physiotherapists as the co-author of the University Of Technology Sydney Strength and Conditioning for Physiotherapists and casual academic lecturer. To book a consultation, click the link below.

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