Answers to your questions

<strong><em>01</em></strong> DO I NEED A REFERRAL?
No, a referral is not necessary to see a physiotherapist in Sydney. You may simply ‘turn up’.
<strong><em>02</em></strong> HOW SOON CAN I SEE A PHYSIO
We do get busy, but can generally squeeze you in within a 24 hour period. If you have a particular time frame that you prefer, it is best to book in advance. You can BOOK ONLINE via our online booking system
At BeFit Training Double Bay you can expect:

– A 45 minute initial consultation
– Always in a private, 1 on 1 environment, giving you exclusive access to the injury expert.
– A thorough assessment and physical exam
– We listen to you.
– An accurate diagnosis – this is key and our point of difference.
– Plenty of ‘hands on’ or manual treatment
– A home exercise program that will continually be progressed
– Continued evaluation of work (is this treatment technique working for you?)
– Continued communication with your referrer, trainer or doctor
– Direct referral for necessary investigations, &
– Direct referral to Doctors, Surgeons, and members of the allied health team, as required.
At BeFit Training Physio Double Bay, we aim to:

– Provide you with an accurate diagnosis
– Explain the issue in detail, and look at all causes
– Treat you as a person
– Tell you how to help yourself
– Explain the role of physiotherapy
– Treat the cause of your problem,
– Tell you how long recovery will take
– Meet all your goals, with respect to time and result, through the use of evidence based and clinically proven manual therapy techniques and exercise prescription
– Maintain communication
– Deliver a service to you that is on time
– Ensure you receive an appointment within 24 hours
– Provide excellent customer service and a great experience

<strong><em>04</em></strong> WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING?
Yourself and if you have any letters, results or reports bring those along with you
<strong><em>05</em></strong> CAN I CLAIM A REBATE FROM MY HEALTH FUND?
Yes, a facility is available on site, so you claim your rebate immediately, on the spot.
<strong><em>06</em></strong> FEES

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