Covid 19 Update

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has had an immediate effect on how things are run at BeFit Training Physiotherapy!

We have put in place a number of safety precautions to allow us to safely support our clients.

What are we doing at Befit Training Physio to keep us all safe?

Prior to Appointments
All patients are vetted prior to their appointment at the clinic via SMS, phone call or email. They are asked the following questions:

  • Have they been overseas or have had close contact with a person with confirmed COVID-19 while infectious, in the 14 days before the scheduled outpatient appointment?
  • Are they experiencing any flu-like symptoms, including, but not limited to: Fever, sore throat, cough, aching body or a runny nose.
    If the client answers “Yes” to any of the above questions, they are not allowed to come into the practice and are offered the following options:
Appointment via Video Consultation.
Reschedule the appointment for a later date – at least 14 days AFTER they are outside of their required isolation period or no longer experiencing symptoms.
Home visits are also an option, depending on the exact needs of the client. This option is only available if the therapist deems that it is necessary and very strict protocols are followed by the client.

If the client answers “No” to the questions, they are fine to come into the clinic.

    Appointments in the Clinics
    At BeFit Training Physiotherapy we are following all Australian Government & NSW Health Guidelines, as well as doing anything else we can think of to give our clients peace of mind when attending a face-to-face appointment.

    • We have liaised with a leading immunologist you ensure we have the best practice available so we can continue to provide our high quality service
    • We have reduced our clinic to 1 physio per day with extended appointments and 5 minute gaps between clients to minimise the number of clients in the clinic at once.
    • Only 1 client in the waiting room at any time Additional clients will be asked to wait outside (respecting 1.5 metre social distancing guideline). Reception can call you on your mobile when it is time for you to go into your appointment.
    • Sanitising clients on arrival.
    • All clients are asked to use hand sanitiser on arrival into the practice. If a client does not have a mask, they can request a disposable mask at reception.
    • Regularly disinfecting waiting room and throughout the clinic.
    • This includes, but not limited to: spraying hospital grade disinfectant in the waiting rooms, hallways and toilets. Wiping down chairs and hard surfaces with disinfectant, as well as any regularly used items. We also employ a company to complete a deep clean daily!
    • Treatment room are disinfected before & after each client.
    • Every treatment room is disinfected before & after each session. This includes, but not limited to wiping down the treatment bed and spraying hospital grade disinfectant throughout the room.
    • All linens have been removed from treatment beds.
    • All equipment disinfected before and after each client.
    • Safe distancing during treatment session.
    • When talking to the client we maintain a safe distance. During any required hands-on contact during treatment, we are keeping it to an absolute minimum, and well within the advised guidelines of the Department of Health for hands-on treatments.
    • Therapists maintaining strict hygiene protocols.
    • All Befit Training physiotherapists have completed the Covid-19 Infection Control Training Course. Therapists are continually washing before and after each clients with soap and water, hand sanitiser and/or hand wipes, as well as following the advised guidelines for Allied Health.

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