Concussion Management

Do you or a family member play sports where concussion is a possibility? At BeFit Training Physio, we take concussions very seriously, because they can have a significant impact on your body. As part of CCMI (Complete Concussion Management Inc.), we help to prevent, treat and research concussion so that patients can make a positive recovery following their injury.

What is a concussion?

A concussion is an injury to the brain caused by the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the brain inside your skull. It occurs following direct trauma to your head or body, caused by a fall, when hit playing sports or during an accident. The result is a biochemical imbalance in your brain cells that results in decreased blood flow and reduced energy stores in your brain.

These energy stores usually return to normal levels within 2 to 4 weeks, however other symptoms that mimic those of concussion can linger and are often missed by health professionals. These symptoms include neck pain, headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of balance, pressure in your head, and loss of consciousness.

CCMI was set up to help recognise these lingering problems and provide effective treatment to sufferers of concussion.

Multimodal Baseline Testing

Since concussion is difficult to prevent, baseline testing provides a pre-injury overview of your brain’s healthy functioning. Following a concussion, these baseline tests help healthcare providers identify changes in your brain and design a treatment plan customised to your exact needs.

BeFit Training Physio, as part of CCMI, are able to perform these baseline tests, so that in the event of a future concussion, we are better able to help your recovery.

Concussion Tracker – Smartphone App

If you download the Concussion Tracker app to your smartphone, you can view these baseline results yourself, as well as discover more about concussion. Healthcare workers, coaches, trainers and other professionals involved in your care can also use this app to record and share symptoms at the time of the injury, as well as reporting the injury to BeFit Training Physio or other CCMI clinic and track your recovery. You can download the tracker on this website.

To book a baseline testing session or need help recovering from a concussion, call us on 02 9327 7749 or 0401 699 254, email us at [email protected] or BOOK ONLINE.

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