Carbohydrates and training


When it comes to getting the most benefit out of your training program, a well-designed nutrition plan cannot be overlooked

Both what and when you eat can impact how you feel, how you perform and how well you recover from physical activity.

Activity type, duration, intensity, and timing as well as personal goals including fat loss and muscle building, influence a nutrition plan.

Both Protein and carbohydrates are important macro nutrients needed to maximize training results, however carbohydrates have the greatest influence on both the workout and recovery

The post training meal is the most important as glycogen (stored carbohydrates in muscle) which provides the majority of energy during a training session needs to be replenished to prevent fatigue and to ensure that any protein ingested is used for muscle building and not for glycogen production which happens when carbohydrate intake is inadequate!

This meal should be the largest of the day and consumed within 30 minutes of a workout. Eating within this time frame post training not only replenishes glycogen stores it also supports the immune system by lowering cortisol (stress hormone) which is elevated during training.

Body weight, gender, intensity, and length of workout will all determine carbohydrate requirements.

A post meal workout of a 3:1 or 2:1 ratio between carbohydrate and protein is optimal, and for a 45min- 1hr workout could look like 40-45g carb:15 protein for a female or 50g carb: 15-20g protein for a male. When it comes to protein 15-20g   post training is enough to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, look out for the next  blog to learn more about this!

If you are looking for an individualized nutrition plan to optimize your training, use the link on this page to book an appointment or visit the website to make an enquiry


Judy Rose

Judy Rose

Judy Rose holds a BHSc in nutritional and dietetic medicine and has a keen interest in sports nutrition, gut health, and fertility. Currently conducting consultations via telehealth. To make an appointment or to book a free discovery call use the link on this page or visit her website


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