Benefits of Sports Massage

Whether you are a professional sportsperson or not, whether you are injured or not, massage has numerous benefits to help maintain the body in top condition, prevent injuries, boost performance and extend your sporting career.


Increased tissue permeability – Enables fluid and nutrients to pass through, this aids in removal of lactic acid and other waste products created by tissue use and encourages the muscles to take up blood and nutrients helping you to heal quicker.

Stretching – massage helps stretch muscles, releasing any tension. Combined with active movements that your physiotherapist will perform prior to a sporting event to get you in prime condition or a static stretching program after the game to help you recover, massage and a stretching program will help your muscles relax.

Scar tissue – can lead to inflexible tissue making it more susceptible to injury. Massage can assist to break down scar tissue and improve movement.

Improve tissue – overtraining/ hard training/ competition days can make tissue inelastic. Massage helps reduce this by stretching the muscle.

Pain reduction – Massage releases endorphins (Endorphins make you happy). Massage also helps remove tension and waste products that cause pain and stiffness.

So whether it is before your game or after; come in and see Andrew or Joel so they can assist in maximizing your performance. In our opinions massage is always combined with an effective active management program, so if you need help with your all round performance, programming and managing load, get in contact with us today!

Joel Adelman

Joel Adelman

Joel has 7 years combined study and has gained experience and developed skills across a broad range of areas including sports, orthopedic rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, geriatrics, pediatrics and cardiopulmonary. Joel uses a combination of exercise therapy, manual techniques and evidence-based practice to help his clients return to optimal health and to prevent further injuries.

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