Adolescent Sports Injuries

Are you worried that your kids might be injured while paying sports, whether that’s at organised school events or just kicking a ball around with friends?

Adolescent sports injuries are very common, but how do you help them recover quickly and  keep them safe when they’re fit enough to play again?

Symptoms of common sports injuries

Injuries sustained by adolescents tend to involve sprains of the joint, tendons or ligaments and symptoms can include pain, swelling and redness, swelling, bruising and lack of function.  Rest, elevation and ice are all appropriate first aid solutions, but a physiotherapist can assess the injury and decide on the best way forward. This may include a visit to your GP, as well as exercises to help heal the injury and prevent further occurrences.

Common sporting injuries in adolescents

The types of sports that kids love to play include cricket, rugby, soccer and tennis, as well as gymnastics, swimming and athletics. Unfortunately, these are the sports that frequently result in injuries and can prevent your kids from enjoying themselves for weeks on end.

There are many factors that can result in adolescent sports injuries including reduced flexibility, inadequate strength, poor diet, insufficient warmups, old equipment, lack of supervision, and the list goes on. The point is that injuries do happen, but with proper care and attention and some preventative measures, you can minimise their risks.

Keeping your kids safe when playing sports

If your child suffers a sports injury, physiotherapy can help heal them quickly and keep downtime to a minimum. However, we can also teach your child how to prevent these types of injuries occurring again with a few simple exercises. We can also improve your child’s strength, flexibility and performance, so that they can safely play the sports they love for many more years.

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